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About GML

A Professional Technical Sales Group on Semiconductor, Telecom/Networking, Electronics, Garment, and Other Products.

Globle Merchandise Link Inc (GML) was established in Oct. 2006 to facilitate the ever frequent trades between western and eastern countries. Since 2006 we have built good relationships with worldwide contacts, representatives and/or distribution partners in respective business fields. Our partners in Asia are specialized in offering electronic components, consumer electronics, and garment-making and -trading. Our Taiwan contact office, Yungyi International established in 2009, also offers funeral services in Taiwan besides aforementioned business fields. In Jan 2011, our HCMC Vietnam office was established to further seek opportunities in ASEAN region. In Dec 2015, we set up our Yangon office to start further business operations in Myanmar. If you need company presentation please feel free to send us an email to inquire.

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