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Products & Services


In the Communications field, we work with worldwide Telecom and Networking customers to provide suitable products to cope with their demands.

We are offering total antenna module services to worldwide customers from our manufacturing partner in Asia. We provide Wi-Max antennas, WLAN antennas, laptop antennas, GPS antennas, cellular antennas, and also provide embedded antennas for laptop, server, PDA, GPS, cell/smart phone, and barcode reader as well as indoor/outdoor antennas.

   *Antenna Offering List:

     1. WLAN (Dipole, MIMO, REA)

     2. WiMAX (CPE)

     3. Base Station Antenna

     4. Laptop/PC (WLAN, GSM, GPRS, GPS, UWB)

     5. Mobile (GSM/CDMA/3G, Blue Tooth/Wi-Fi, GPS, DVB-H)

     6. GPS (Patch, RIFA, Active, External, Dongle)

     7. RFID


We are also offering OEM/ODM services for multi-channel surveillance DVR, infrarad surveillance carmeras, and DIY wireless video door intercom solutions. Please contact us for more detailed product specifications and information or go to Download to download our offering lists.

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